Privacy Policy

realcommerce Ltd.

Privacy Policy
realcommerce Ltd.

1. General

As part of its obligations to its customers, realcommerce and/or its employees may collect and/or process "personal information" (as legally defined in the Protection of Privacy Law) for its customers. The Privacy Policy set forth below constitutes a guiding and binding line in the context of information security and protection of private and personal information, in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: "the Law") and regulations enacted thereunder, and other legal and regulatory provisions applicable to realcommerce. 

When we use the term "information" or "personal information" in this Policy, we mean knowledge of the private affairs of an identified or reasonably identifiable person, which the law protects. This Privacy Policy does not apply to data that does not relate to the private affairs of an identified person (such as aggregative (aggregated) data) and does not apply to corporations.

This Privacy Policy applies inclusively to customers, suppliers, employees and users (depending on the context).

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, as necessary. The updated Policy document shall enter into force on the date of its publication on the company's Website.

It is hereby clarified that you have no legal obligation to provide us with information and that you provided the information voluntarily. 

2. Types of Information 

The company markets and provides a variety of services, including information processing services such as: website development, application development, user experiences, accessibility and more; (the full range of services will be collectively referred to hereinafter as: "the Services"). The Services are provided by the company and/or by third parties. In this context, the company collects, holds and processes different information about its customers. This information may vary depending on the Services and products provided. 

3.  Collection of Information

  • The company collects information directly from the customer, from usages, and from third parties. Thus, for example: information you provide – the company shall collect the information you provide about yourself and about others, including inter alia, at the time of joining or buying products and Services and as part of said interest to engage, during usage of the Services; when contacting customer services; when participating in surveys and campaigns; and by any other means where the customer chooses to provide us with information.
  • realcommerce is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for errors in the customer's information (complete or partial) which is provided on the Website and/or for not receiving a request, not responding to a request, to any delay in response to a request and/or not receiving enough information on the Website. 
  • By actually providing user information on the Website, the customer declares, undertakes and agrees to the following:
    • The customer information you provide (if and insofar as you provide it) is accurate, precise and belongs to you.
    • You are aware that you are not legally obligated to provide the company the information and/or any other information or data on the Website, and that providing the information and/or any other information or data is voluntary. Nevertheless, you acknowledge that if you do not provide your contact details, realcommerce will not be able to contact you in order to provide you details and/or respond to your request.
  • Some of the data collected includes information that when used reasonably may identify you, including your first and last names, residential and/or email address, your telephone number, location and more (hereinafter: "Personal Information").
  • Personal Information is collected from the Website in several ways:
    • Directly - when you provide information to sign up for a newsletter, receive services, make various inquiries with us or fill out forms.
    • Indirectly - through the Website's technology, such as your IP address, the pages you view, your operating system and browser type; Information received from third parties, such as: credit rating agencies, state authorities, other communications companies and any legal source that permits the provision of Information, legal databases, public information and any other Information you have agreed to provide realcommerce with. Additionally, subject to your privacy settings, realcommerce may receive Information that you have uploaded or that was uploaded about you to the Internet and/or social networks, as well as receive Information from social network operators in which you have an account. We may process the information stored in our databases and cross-reference it with the Information received from third parties.
    • Information collected automatically - when you join or use the Services, including the realcommerce Website and applications, Information about you is collected automatically by the company’s systems and third parties’ systems involved in the provision of said Services. 
  • The company will retain the Information for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes of using the Information as set forth in this Privacy Policy or for the period of time required by law, or as required to protect the company's rights and legitimate interests, whichever is longer.

4.  Use of Information

  • The Information the company collects is used for several purposes. Among other things, to provide you and others with Services, to customize the Services, to analyze, manage, develop, streamline and improve the Services, systems, service and marketing to some or all customers, to maintain communication with customers on various issues (including by direct mail marketing), to process the Information for the customer's needs or for third parties' needs, to comply with any legal requirement and to protect the legitimate interests of realcommerce. Among other things, the company will use the Information for the following purposes:
    • Ongoing operation, provision of services, marketing and preparation of dedicated proposals, including the provision of Services, their operation and adaptation to your needs and features, including the provision of recommendations.
    • Personal Information provided by you through the Website or other means (such as email, social networks, registration at conferences or in any other manner), when registering for conferences, events, courses, tutorials and for any other commercial or business purpose, will be stored in the realcommerce database. realcommerce may use this Information for the following purposes: (1) its administrative, business and commercial needs, including for the purpose of contacting you, direct mail marketing, marketing and advertising promotions, offering commercial offers and/or courses, by mail, telephone, fax or email; (2) for any other commercial purpose related to the circumstances and manner of delivery of the Information by you.
    • Personal Information provided by you through the Website or by other means (such as email, social networks and as part of the "friend-brings-friend" model) when you apply for advertised positions, is required to examine your suitability for the requested positions. The Service, insofar as it is provided to you, will be based on the Information you have provided, which will be stored in realcommerce's database in accordance with the requirements of the law, realcommerce's procedures and the provisions of the Terms of Use. realcommerce will be entitled to transfer such Information to third parties at your request and at its discretion, for its benefit and/or your benefit. realcommerce may use the Personal Information provided as part of such an application for: (1) its administrative, business and commercial needs, including for the purpose of contacting you, direct mail marketing, marketing and advertising promotions, offering jobs and/or courses, by mail, telephone, fax or email; (2) providing such Personal Information to related companies and/or third parties for the purpose of receiving offers for jobs/products/services that realcommerce will believe you may have an interest in. realcommerce will be entitled to keep said Information for a longer period of time than required for filling the position you applied for, and to offer you other suitable job offers in the future on this basis. If you request not to be included in direct mail marketing campaigns and/or that Personal Information you provided for a job application as stated, not to be transferred to third parties as specified above, you must request this from us by email or registered mail, according to the contact information on the Website. The absence of such a request will be considered as approval on your part for realcommerce to use the Information as stated.
    • Processing and analyzing the Information, including through advanced information analysis tools, concerning how realcommerce customers and others use the Website and its Contents, and to help realcommerce identify ways to improve the Website and make it more efficient.
    • Legal purposes including: compliance with legal requirements, including keeping records and performing actions that the company is required by law to perform, including requirements of foreign authorities if the company believes it must comply with the requirement.
    • Protecting the legitimate interests and legal rights of realcommerce and others, including accountability, defense against lawsuits and enforcement of agreements.
  • You know and you hereby give your informed consent that the Information will be stored in the company's database/s, and the company will be entitled to use the Information provided by you on the Website for the purposes described above.
  • realcommerce will use Personal Information only in a manner consistent with the purposes for which it was collected and in accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Use.
  • Any information or Content (which is not Personal Information) you post on the Website in any manner whatsoever, will not be considered proprietary or confidential and anyone who is exposed to them, including realcommerce, may use them in any manner. It is clarified that realcommerce and anyone on its behalf will not have any responsibility whatsoever in connection with such information or content.

5. Information Security and Encryption Measures

The company takes appropriate security measures for the Information in its possession, and in accordance with all laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of the Information, and to prevent unauthorized access to the Information. The company uses administrative, physical, and technical tools which together protect the Information stored in its systems and periodically reviews the system's durability. Despite this, there is a risk of access to the databases. As long as realcommerce takes reasonable security measures, it will not be liable for damage caused as a result of such unauthorized access and transfer of Information to third parties due to such access.

6. Your Rights

  • Israeli law grants you certain rights with respect to Personal Information management for personal use which is not commercial and subject to the terms of the Website and the provisions of this Policy.
  • You have the right to know if realcommerce holds Personal Information about you, you may review the Information we hold about you, as stated and you may correct inaccuracies or if there is incomplete Information, all in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the law.