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  • The use of the realcommerce Ltd. website (hereinafter: "the Website") is subject to the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy as detailed below.
  • These terms and conditions (hereinafter: "the Terms of Use") constitute an integral part of the terms and conditions for using the Website.
  • You hereby confirm that by accessing the Website and/or using the Website and its contents you declare that you have read and understood these Terms of Use and that you have accepted, consented to and approved their contents. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you are asked not to make any use of this Website and its contents.
  • The Terms of Use is drafted in the masculine and is also inclusive of the feminine and everything expressed in singular is also inclusive of the plural, unless there is a contradiction to the written subject or its content, or the context requires a different interpretation.
  • Any changes made to the Terms of Use will be posted on this page.
  • For any question, problem or if you wish to report a privacy violation, please contact us at the following address: info@realcommerce.co.il

Terms of Use of the Website

  • Unless expressly stated otherwise, the content, design and display contained in the Website (hereinafter: "the Content") constitute intellectual property of realcommerce or of third parties and are protected by law. Any unauthorized use of the Content or any part thereof may constitute a violation of the law.
  • Trademarks, names of companies or products mentioned on the Website belong to their owners. The use of the Website does not award the user of the Website any intellectual property rights that belong to realcommerce or to third parties whose name or trademark is published on the Website.
  • No change shall be made to proprietary copyrights and the intellectual property inherent in the Website and its Content. It is therefore clarified that realcommerce does not grant any user of the Website any right in the intellectual property of realcommerce or of third parties whose name is mentioned or linked to the Content on the Website. 
  • The Content must not be modified, distributed, reproduced, copied, sold, transmitted, published, performed, derived or produced from in any manner whatsoever, displayed publicly, delivered and/or exploited for any commercial or public purpose whatsoever and/or on behalf of realcommerce or of third parties whose name is linked to the Content on the Website and/or their trademarks, and no third party may be allowed to do so; the aforesaid actions must not be performed in any instance, and/or the Content must not be used in any way or form whatsoever, unless specifically permitted to do so with prior written approval from realcommerce.
  • You are not permitted to create links to the Website from other websites, except with prior written approval from realcommerce and subject to the terms of the approval and the provisions of the law.
  • By using the Website, you agree that you may not post on the Website any prohibited content in any manner whatsoever as detailed below, which: (1) violates or encourages a violation of any provision of the law or rights of any kind by any person or entity; (2) is of explicit pornographic and/or sexual nature, insulting, harassing, rude, threatening, racist, defamatory, inciting, threatening, derogatory, encourages the commission of offenses of any kind, infringes on a person's privacy or dignity or the public's feelings; (3) is misleading/false or incorrect; (4) infringes the proprietary rights of any third party, (5) content that does not belong to the advertiser; (6) spam/unsolicited messages of any kind; (7) any computer code or application of a hostile nature (including viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, etc.); (8) concerns and identifies minors, their personal details or their address and ways of contacting them; (9) passwords, usernames and other details enabling the use of computer software, digital files, websites or services, which require registration or payment, without said payment or registration; (10) any information and/or content whose publication is prohibited under the provisions of any law; (11) any information conflicting with the acceptable rules for using the Internet or that may cause damage or harm to Internet users in general and to the Website's users in particular; (12) requires a password and such to access, and is not freely accessible for all Internet users; (13) of a commercial nature or containing any advertising information whatsoever.
  • By submitting content, you are essentially confirming that you own all the rights for it and that you are entitled to submit it for publication. If you are not the creator or do not own the copyright of the content you submit, you acknowledge that you are legally authorized by the copyright owner to submit the content and grant the right to use it as set forth above and below. realcommerce will not be liable for any damage caused as a result of infringement of the content owner's rights. You take full and sole responsibility for any display or publication of content made by you and undertake to indemnify realcommerce for any damages incurred as a result.
  • Violation of any of these terms nullifies your right and permission to use the Website and you shall be liable for the immediate destruction of the Content in your possession and which you used illicitly and in violation of these terms.
  • realcommerce reserves the right and sole discretion to refuse access to the Website or parts thereof to any user.


  • realcommerce implements information security procedures on the Website that are supported by technological systems which are updated from time to time. These systems and procedures minimize the risk of unauthorized entry to the realcommerce computers. However, they do not guarantee complete safety. Wherefore, realcommerce hereby clarifies that it does not guarantee that the services on the Website will be absolutely protected from unauthorized access to the information stored in them.

Provisions of the Law and Regulations

  • realcommerce adheres to the laws of the State of Israel and the privacy protection laws and regulations applicable in Israel. The company has also adopted a privacy policy that complies with the provisions of the law and regulations in this regard. 

  • The realcommerce Privacy Policy is updated in accordance with the privacy laws relevant to its operations.

  • Any dispute and/or disagreement and/or any other matter in connection with the Website and/or everything contained therein and/or these Terms of Use will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the authorized court in these matters in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo only.

Email and Marketing Information

  • realcommerce may send you emails from time to time containing information regarding the company's services as well as marketing and advertising information on its behalf or on behalf of third parties and you hereby agree to receive said advertisements.

  • You can opt out of receiving such commercial information at any time by contacting the aforementioned email address, but you cannot cancel the option to receive service messages or other communications required as part of the provision of our services.

  • Limitation of Liability

  • All the Content is available and can be used 'as is' and realcommerce along with any other party related to it does not make any presentations, obligations and/or other conditions regarding the Website and/or the Content.

  • realcommerce is not liable and shall not undertake any responsibility whatsoever in connection with any use of the Website or the Content or any reliance upon them. The Content is general in nature, it does not substitute professional advice of any kind whatsoever and any advice received through the Website for the purpose of making any decision in any area must not be relied upon. You take full and sole responsibility for relying upon the Content and/or the advice you receive through the Website and you alone shall bear the consequences of any use you make of the Website and/or the Content and its results.

  • It is possible that the Content may not be up to date and the company does not undertake to update it at all or at any frequency and it should not be relied upon as such. realcommerce is entitled to insert changes or updates in the Content or parts thereof, at any time and without prior notice and pursuant to its policy.

  • realcommerce does not undertake that the services of the Website will not be interrupted, nor provided in order or continuously, safely and without errors, nor that they will be absolutely protected from unauthorized access to the realcommerce computers or from damages, breakdowns, malfunctions or failures, whether in the hardware, software, communication systems and lines, at realcommerce or at any of its suppliers.

  • realcommerce, its managers, directors, executives, employees, shareholders (hereinafter collectively: "realcommerce') do not undertake that any of the Content on the Website, including any third party's content or content related to software, products, or any other part thereof which is used in connection with the Website or its contents, will be whole, accurate, up to date, on time, secured, uninterrupted or free of error or that faults in them will be corrected or for any decision you take based on anything included or accessible through the Website;

Notwithstanding anything said anywhere else whatsoever, realcommerce shall not be liable to you and/or to any third party in connection with the Website and/or the Content and/or the services and/or the products provided in connection with the Website, for any special, ancillary, indirect, consequential and/or economic damages whatsoever, including and not limited to loss of income, documents, files, profit, reputation, data and/or computer time, software recovery and/or purchase of alternative products or services, downtime costs and/or third party claims, etc., even if it has been brought to the attention of realcommerce that such damages possibly exist. Notwithstanding anything said anywhere else whatsoever, the only remedy available to you is to discontinue using the Website or Content.

You take full responsibility for any damages and claims in connection with the aforesaid and you can stop using the Website, the Content and/or the services and products provided through the Website immediately. You shall have no claim, plea or demand from realcommerce for features of the Content, their capabilities, limitations and suitability for your needs.

  • If it is determined that any of the provisions in the Terms of Use is unenforceable and/or void for any reason, this will not be to the detriment of the rest of its provisions.

Changes and Updates

The company reserves the right to make changes at its sole discretion, to the Content, the information and services published on the Website, including the termination of the services on the Website or parts thereof. In case of termination of service, realcommerce will not be liable to you or to any third party for any damages and/or loss.